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The CAT1 Thatcham-approved system

The Ultimate Category 1 professionally fitted alarm featuring:
Acumen Alarm

Totally waterproof resin encapsulated electronics and OE quality connecter rated to IP67 for ultimate reliability. Resists jet washing and water to a depth of 1 metre!

Key fob transmitter with integral torch and ignition key. (Key blanks supplied on receipt of Acumen's copy of the system "Certificate of Installation".)

14 User definable siren tones. - Know when it's your bike under threat. Intelligent Battery Sense™ 3 stage sleep mode based on battery state and time. Use an intelligent charger and the alarm never sleeps!

Intelligent passive arming with two user definable options when the ignition is turned off: Immobilisation and forced ignition sensor only (No more fumbling for the key for when you stop for fuel!) To full arm press the key fob. Alternatively the system can be set to provide full passive arming. Can be programmed to provide Turn Signal Reminder. - Never get caught flashing when you shouldn't!

Optional Nudge Sensor to reduce false alarms and provide highly effective deterrent. Selectable override code with up to 500,000 differs. Choose a code that means something to you!

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