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Fuel Injection Conversion!

JT Motorcycles can offer tuning packages to suit all budgets

  • Road bikes
  • Race bikes
  • Motocross bikes
  • ATV's

Engine tune with dyno set up.

  • Machine run on dyno for base power figure.
  • Engine stripped, cleaned and inspected before modifications

Typical modifications include.

  • Cylinder head gas flowed.
  • Port shape and size optimized.
  • Valve guide modified.
  • Valve seats re cut with 3 or 5 angles.
  • Spring pressures set.
  • Head and or cylinder machined for correct compression ratio and squish.
  • Crankshaft clearances and run out checked.
  • Depending on application crankshaft lightened, balanced or stroked.
  • Camshaft fitted and dialled in.
  • Piston to valve clearance checked and modified if necessary.
Valve seat angles recut by hand
CRF250 rebuild
Can Am DS450 on dyno
Engine refitted.
  • Run in on dyno if required.
  • Adjust carburation or write new fuel map as required.
  • Print power, torque and fueling graph.